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Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause injury and death for children. In 1999, 1,684 child occupants died in motor vehicle crashes, and in 2000 nearly 248,000 were injured. Even if you’re a careful driver, you can’t control other drivers’ behavior or eliminate the possibility of a crash. You can greatly reduce the risk that your children will be seriously injured or killed, simply by using the correct child safety seat for your child, and using it properly.

We want to help you protect your child. All of our pages have been put together to help parents understand the “how” and “why” behind what they are told is “necessary”. If you are wondering “Why should my child ride rear-facing?” or “Why should I use a five-point harness?”, “Why shouldn’t I use a shield booster?” or any of the many other “why’s” of safely transporting children in cars, please browse around and find the information you need. And when you’re done…pass it along!

CPSafety is dedicated to all the children who have been injured or killed in motor vehicle crashes, and to all those who have suffered and grieved for them, and to all the parents who are willing to learn from these tragedies and provide the best possible protection for their children.

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